About our Green Coffee & Roasted

CWe aggregate and commercialize outstanding quality coffee green beans, with a unique flavor profile.

Our offer is based on lots and micro-lots of Fine-flavor coffee green beans produced in Colombian regional origins.

This product offering is built upon two principles: Consistency and Traceability.

New origins

We are currently working towards developing exquisite green coffee from different regional origins in Colombia.
At the same time our brand offers three types of roasting according to the needs and Tastes of our consumers namely:

  • Light roast: This roasting has a cinnamon color which is the one that best preserves the flavors of the origin and which is normally used for origin coffees or gourmets. These coffees have herbal and fruit nuances. This type of tostión is used Especially for filter coffee makers.
  • Medium Roast: This roast still retains a considerable level of caffeine but greater sweetness With the greatest exposure to heat, coffee sugars begin to caramelize with what you get nuances of nuts, caramel and even chocolate. This type of roasting is very indicated for espresso as for coffees of filter.
  • Roast High or dark: Already in this dark roasting the coffee dries much more (dry distillation) where all its essential oils are extracted. You get a coffee with a very low degree of caffeine that is normally used for espresso coffee makers. In this type of roasting we obtain spicy flavors and even Smoked flavors.

As well as the roasting process that is not really a roasting process, this is the result of adding sugar in the roasting process; this process is normally used in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France or Argentina, this causes color to be obtained in The brightest grains and a stronger flavor.
With these three roasting options, our customers choose the one that best suits their preference.


Our product is classified according to:

1: Types of Roasting

  • Light tostión
  • Medium roast
  • High or Dark Roasting

2: Types of Coffee

  • Excelsior or high-grade
  • Colombia type coffees

3: Available Presentation

    • Grounded Excelso/high-grade coffee x 500 Grms
    • Grounded coffee Colombia type x 500 Grms
    • Green coffee UGQ-Excelso mesh 14
    • Excelso Coffee Mesh 15
    • Coffee Excelso Supremo mesh 16-17
    • Special and original coffees
    • Coffee Excelso roasted mesh 17 x 500 Grms
    • Coffee Colombia roasted mesh 17 x 500 Grms


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