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About Us

Who we are ???

Cafe Yariguies provides roasters and importers with High Quality, Fresh Green Coffees and Roasted coffee from Colombia, especially from the SANTANDER area.

The history of the name Café Yariguies pays tribute to the indigenous tribe that lived in the western region of the Department of Santander, specifically the towns of Zapatoca, San Vicente de Chucurí, Barrancabermeja and Puerto Wilches; The raw material is clearly from this region where there are a lot of originated and organic coffees grown and benefited with ancestral techniques, obtaining qualities of very high value regarding its traceability, composition, unsurpassed and unsurpassed aromas by characteristics of factors such as altitude, climate, typical and Arabic variety, its cultivation, its post-harvest that make this an excellent product.

We are a family-owned company

About our Maquila/Private Label

Café Yariguies offers coffee roasting and co-packing services for brands of any size with packagings prearranged by the customer. Put your logo and brand of your company or farm, right on the bag. We have the means and tools to produce personalized coffee that fits your needs.
We grind to your exact specifications, toll roast your green beans, or assist you in creating a custom product from scratch.

We are a family-owned company

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